When writting my thesis I found that I needed komascript to format a
Thesis correctly, but that LyX would only allow me to enter Theorems
in a AMS class. My solution to this was to have a Book(koma-script)
main document that included Book(AMS) LyX documents which contained
the theorems, lemmas etc.

However with 1.4.1 LyX now generates a prompt
 "LyX: Different textclasses
 Included file `afile.lyx'
 has textclass `amsbook'
 while parent file has textclass `scrbook'."
for each included file. As I have a dozen included files, just
clicking OK can take a while. Does anyone know of a way to suppress
these dialogs or otherwise allow theorems to be entered via the LyX
GUI into a komascript document?

John C. McCabe-Dansted
PhD Student
University of Western Australia

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