I just ran into a really weird lyx problem on Fedora Core 5 and
tetex-3.0-19.  It is so interesting I want to share and ask for help:


That tarball has a lyx file and 3 eps files that I generated with R.
Two of the eps files are in landscape mode, one is portrait
(horizontal).  By default, R generates eps files in landscape mode and
using some interfaces for R, it is more-or-less difficult to make them
come out in portrait mode.  So it might be useful to have a good &
dependable way in LyX to manage eps files that are in landscape mode.

If you open the LyX document and view that in dvi, ps2pdf, pdflatex,
and dvipdfm, the treatment of the eps graphics is different in each
one.  The dvi output is about what I expect, but pdflatex turns the
graphs so they are right side up, ps2pdf turns the figure titles on
the right side in lanscape mode, and dvipdfm does something else
altogether. If I rotate the images so they are "right side up" in dvi
mode, then the pdf output is also excitingly different.  And it is not
a good kind of excitement.

If you would please download this and test it out, I would be glad to
hear if you see the same troubles.  Because a lot of my work depends
on being able to create pdf files that are accurate representations of
the dvi/ps files that LyX creates.

Paul E. Johnson
Professor, Political Science
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University of Kansas

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