Jean-Pierre Chretien wrote:

> With pdfatex, your problem came from a badly configured eps file
> (disagreement between the .eps extension and the magic number in the file
> (no EPSF in the first line, which lead lyx to believe that it was a PS
> file). As I stated, ps2pdf conversion of individual figures could be
> avoided by giving precedence on extension over magic number when there is
> disagreement.

I don't like that approach, because I have programs that create files
with .ps extension that are in reality eps files. Maybe we could make the
format detection more liberal: Everything that has a bounding box is
recognized as eps in "included graphics mode". In "export document mode"
everything is recognized as ps. That would solve this particular problem.

> As for the ps2pdf conversion alone (DVI->PDF), I wonder if the autorotate
> switch should be included a default in the converter section.
> It's easier to remove a switch than to add one which you never heard of.
> Two converters (one w/autorotate, one without it) is perhaps an overkill.
> Of course, autorotation could be set on a figure by figure basis in the
> graphics menu, and on a general basis with a checkbox.

Please not, that would only be confusing. If you want to set something on a
figure by figure basis you can explicitly rotate it.


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