ty. 5. desember 2006 19:50 skreiv Ramon Flores:
> Hi:
> I have a problem at spell-checking in Lyx-1.4.3 (qt front-end), that seems
> related with the character encoding. Aspell continues using iso-8859-x, the
> operating system, Mandriva2007, uses utf-8, and Lyx... well I am not sure.
> On the other hand I use KDE, and the default locale is pt_PT.UTF-8
> At spell-checking from within LyX, with Portuguese or Spanish,  the list of
>   suggestions of Aspell is full of strange characters, something like:
> Any idea how to solve the problem, i.e. how to spell-check non-English
> texts within LyX?

Make a file that contains:

export LOCALE=iso8859-1
export LANG=pt_PT

and start that one instad of lyx. That works for norwegian anyhow :)


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