Em Sexta, 2 de Fevereiro de 2007 20:53, o Uwe Stöhr escreveu:
> Ramon Flores schrieb:
> > Is there any way to say to LyX not to put more that one figure in a page
> > with text?.
> > Or alternatively, is there any way to say to LyX to set apart the two
> > figures?
> This is a wide field to play on. The toys for this are explained in the
> Embedded Insets manual:
> http://www.lyx.org/trac/browser/lyx-devel/branches/BRANCH_1_4_X/lib/doc/Emb
>eddedObjects.lyx which is also available in Spanish:
> http://www.lyx.org/trac/browser/lyx-devel/branches/BRANCH_1_4_X/lib/doc/es_

 I have read several times the "Float Placement" section and I have not finded 
any clue of how to
1) forbid more than one figure per page, in a page with text, or
2) set the distance between figures.


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