Gayle Tan wrote:
> Also, Do i need both boxes for the references to appear.?
> lyx seems to give me an error if only the 2nd box is in the document?

You are mixing two ways of producing a bibliography. If you are using a BibTeX 
bibliography (which you apparently do, judging from your screenshots), then 
do not use "bibliography" paragraph style from the drop down menu. BibTeX is 
formatting the bibliography for you, including the heading.

The two boxes you are talking about are the citation references and the 
bibliography. You need both (please refer to the LyX documentation for 

> How do i remove the first line after the bibliography.?

If you don't want references, but only the bibliography, the use 
\nocite{somecitekey} or \nocite* (the latter prints out the whole database). 
LyX doesn't support this natively yet, so you have to use TeX mode.


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