I am trying to  include a pdf file in a LyX document.
I have the TeX-Live package installed in my computer. If I understand
correctly, it includes pdfpages.

I put the phrase "\usepackage{pdfpages}" in the LateX preamble for the
Afterwards, I wrote in ERT: \includepdf[pages=1-11]{filename.pdf}
The filename.pdf is saved in the same folder as the LyX document.

Now, when I try to view the document as dvi, I get the error message:
Package pdfpages Error:You produce DVI output but pdf output
Undefined control sequence.
Missing $ inserted
Extra }, or forgotten $.
Missing $ inserted.

When I try to produce a pdf output, I get the error message:
LyX: Cannot view file
File does not exist:

What is wrong ?
Is there an easy way to insert the pdf file into the LyX document ?
Please, try to give a simple and specific answer as I am new to LyX, as well
as to LaTeX .
I use Ubuntu Feisty (quite new to linux as well).


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