Your second problem is a common feature of LaTeX when you have lots of pictures and not many words. Basically it found there was not a neat way of displaying the pictures amongst the text without either having a title in an odd looking place or a mostly empty page in the middle of a chapter.

I suggest you try a couple of things. If you really want the pictures to be with the text try changing ALL of the pictures to be placed "Here if possible". I Don't recommend using "Here definitely" unless it is a last option and note you might get some empty looking pages appear at the slightest modification of any text.

Otherwise give into LaTeX and admit it is right. Insert a clear page at a convenient place. This will prevent it being used by text so some of your pictures will collect on it.. ie they'll catch up with your text.

Note you can always refer to the page number the figures are on automatically (on the reference pop-up box select the option "<reference> on page <page>")


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