Dear LyX users,

I am in the process of graduating from Windows to Linux.  I installed
LyX 1.5.3 on an Ubuntu Gutsy using the Synaptic Package Manager.

Now it seems that I cannot open any of my old LyX files (<= 1.5.2).
It says that "(Myfile) came from an earlier version of LyX, but
lyx2lyx failed to convert the file."   I found an earlier post from
December that suggested changing

\language default


\language english

but this doesn't work for me because my file already has \language
english.  I checked the top of my file and it says

#LyX 1.4.3-5 created this file. For more info see

\lyxformat 245

Can anyone please help me?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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