Dear Lyx people,

I have a problem I hope you can help me with. I am writing a thesis in Lyx version 1.5.2 in windows. Most of it is working brilliantly but I am having some trouble with the headers at the beginning of the document. In my "abstract" section the headers on the second and subsequent pages say "list of figures" instead of "abstract". i would like to be able to change them to say "abstract" or to leave them blank but I cant seem to do it. I can remove the header but only if I also remove the horizontal line under the header and the page number at the bottom of the page both of which I would like to keep. If I try to remove the header and the horizontal line but keep the page number I get an error in compiling but it does compile eventually.

Any help would be much apprieciated!


I think we would need to know what document class you are using, whether you are using the fancyheader package, etc. The best bet might be to post a minimal example (enough to demonstrate the problem but not the whole thesis). Feel free to convert any sensitive material to 'blah blah blah' or your favorite (preferably ribald) limerick.


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