G. Jay Kerns wrote:

Thanks!  As it turns out, when I copied the file from my removable
SanDisk to follow your advice, then LyX read it perfectly, no lyx2lyx

I have other LyX files on the removable disk (created with 1.5.3 on
Ubuntu) which open with no problems.  I don't quite follow the details
of what is happening, but if I copy the files from the removable disk
to the Linux desktop then the problems disappear.

Does LyX have write permission on the SanDisk? The default behavior for lyx2lyx is to create the updated copy in the same directory where it found the original.

As a matter of general principle, I try never to let a flash disk be used for temporary/transient file writes (meaning I always copy stuff to the hard drive and work from their), for a couple of reasons. One is that file writes on a flash disk are relatively slow, and I don't want to find out the hard way that a program is sensitive to the timing of writes. The other is that you only get x thousand writes before a flash drive starts to die. I've never had one last that long, but my German ancestry compels me to be parsimonious about this. :-)


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