On 4/21/08, snvv <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  I have two final problems with moderncv class.
>  1st. using \cvlistitem for bullets when the text is longer than one line then
>  the second line is not justified as expected (just below the text of the
>  previous line but it is below the bullet).
>  You may see the problem in a pdf & lyx file in http://users.hol.gr/~sdn/
>  2nd. How can centralize (horizontally) the name (\firstname  & \familyname)? 
> I
>  know it is possible because I had find a command for that but I cant find it
>  anymore.

Did you check this [1] wiki entry?

[1] http://wiki.lyx.org/Examples/ModernCVClassIssues

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