I am trying to embed Asymptote in LyX documents.

I am following this tutorial:

I am doing everything as suggested:
* I have included \usepackage{asymptote} and
\usepackage[pdftex]{graphicx} in the LaTeX preamble
* I have done Crtl-L in the middle of the document and added this LaTeX

size (3cm);
draw (unitcircle);
\caption{Embedded Asymptote figures are easy!}

When I generate the document (using pdflatex), I get nothing special: a
"figure" with "PDF" written there, but no image (no "unitcircle")...
when I do the same, but with DVI, I get "EPS" written instead of the
unitcircle. Either way, I don't see any picture...

I have a new version of Asymptote: 1.18 - so it should work
automatically with pdflatex.

Any ideas?
Maybe I should ask a different list?

Thanks ahead,

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