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> I have installed lyX 1.53 from the Ubuntu 8.4 repositories.  But it
> frequently crashes when accessing lyx document files on my computer.  Is
> this a bug that is fixed with lyX 1.55?  And how do I install it?  (It
> isn't in the repositories.)  If someone could let me know how to
> I would be grateful.
> Thanks!

I've just recently installed 8.04 so I cannot confirm or deny. I know
there were issues with newer qt4 packages and LyX. You could search
the archive for this info, if I remember correctly the fix was to
either downgrade qt4 or upgrade LyX.

To install LyX from source please reference this very recent post:



I am the one who upgraded 1.5.5 on Ubuntu 8.04 following Bob's suggestions.
It runs faster than 1.5.3. However once I have successfully upgraded
then I encountered a problem, while I was working and press F7 for
English spelling check. A window pop up saying it could not find a file
Then what I did: duplicating file british.hash and renaming with "english.hash"

Now spelling checker works as expected..(for the thesaurus..no problem)


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