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What about the size of the text in your fig -> eps file in respect to the size
of the text of the body (that is the document text, I guess?). Do you adjust
it just by comparing it?


  No. I size the text in the figure to the figure (keeping in mind that it
will probably be smaller in the document), and pay no attention to the font
size relative to the text. The image is its own entity and the text should
be scaled to the graphics ... and clarity.

Thats what I did so far. But what about the pstex and the pstex_t which
you get after running xfig -specialtext? I thought this is the way to
divide the image part of the fig and the text part so that the latter can
be adjusted (by the program) to the font size of my text (and also to
include e.g. greek letters as latex etc).

  I've not done this. I create the figures separately, then insert them in
floats. If they're not readable in the pdf, I adjust the text size and try
again. For my purposes, 10pt or 12pt text in the figure is perfectly

  When I start a new figure, I change the default font (lower right corner
of the bottom) to 'postscript fonts' and select Palatino-Roman. Depending on
how much text will be in the figure, I leave the default size at 12pt (light
text) or reduce it to 10pt (a lot of text). Then I create the figure and
export it as .eps and put it in the document.



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