Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:

>  with  external template way  you mean the way I and Rich use, i.e. export
>  fig
> to eps and insert in Lyx?

No. I mean what Abdel uses: Insert->File->External Material and then choose
the xfig template. In the file dialog you specify the .fig file. If you
want to edit the .fig file from within LyX press cklick on the file and
then press the edit button in the dialog that opens.

> Does it mean, I have to create the fig file after having started
> xfig -specialtext and xfig then puts my text in the pstex_t file with
> location marks etc?

No, the -specialtext switch is only the default for new textboxes. Therefore
it is useful, but it does not change existing ones. How the text is output
to LaTeX depends on the flags that are stored in the .fig file, not on
the -specialtext switch.

> With other words, I have to redo all my fig files and add (or copy, if I
> find out how the localization of the text is done in pstex_t)?

If they miss the flag, then you simply need to set the flag in the .fig file
(manually or with a script). No ned to look at pstex_t. Then you include
all .fig files as external material, and maybe set the preamble command
mentioned by Vasek.

> textbox is pstex_t?

No, a textbox is what you get when you press the big T in xfig and where you
enter your text.

> How does xfig find out the size and font I used in the document, or does
> it make latex take it over?

It does not find it out. It puts the text in a file that is processed by


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