Allen L. Barker wrote:

> Yes xifg previewing can already been done thanks to fig2dev which
> is part of the xfig program. Just use the external material inset
> (Inset->File->External Material) and choose XFig in the combo. In
> the display tab, select 'preview'.

I think you are missing my point.

Yes, I agree with you that LyX can already preview the xfig

But, can it preview the math text like $x_2$ in its final

Yes, if you mark the text field as LateX in xfig the equation will be latex compiled and previewed on LyX screen. At least it works in 1.6, maybe there's a bug in 1.5...
You need the instant-preview package and dvipng installed for this to work.

I have not found any way for doing that, and I was suggesting
a possibility...

I have tried the External Material type of inset, but it still
displays $x_2$ as $x_2$.

See above, it should work. But I am not sure this will be compatible with your psfrag methods as this method uses the pstex_t format (or pdftex_t).


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