If I compile the child separately the references from my .bib file does not
show (only appears as question marks).

But based on your answer it seems that my wish is not possible - you say
that I still have to manually skip to the main file to get the whole
document updated (or even a child to look correct).

James Sutherland-4 wrote:
> On Jul 11, 2008, at 2:07 PM, bigblop wrote:
>> I have made a main.lyx file that includes a few child documents as  
>> input
>> files. But when I am compiling a child document the whole document  
>> does not
>> get updated. This means that each time I want to se the changes I  
>> have made
>> I need to compile the main.lyx file which is rather annoying.
>> Is there someway to compile the main.lyx file from a child document?
> "Annoying" to one is a "nice feature" to another.  This is actually  
> really a nice feature in LyX because you can actually compile and view  
> child documents independently from the parent, and with different  
> formatting (line spacing, margins, etc.).  This is not easily done in  
> LaTeX.
> I just switch the focus in LyX back to the "main" file and compile  
> it.  Then you get the whole thing.
> James

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