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If I compile the child separately the references from my .bib file does not show (only appears as question marks).

It can be done, but it's a bit more advanced and I'm not sure I remember how I did it. Perhaps I did it by using the preamble of the child document to define a custom command that defines the .bib-file to use, and then inserted that custom command at the end of the child document.

Anyway, I know it can be done. If it's important, ask for it and I'll see if I can dig out my old thesis files.

But based on your answer it seems that my wish is not possible - you say that I still have to manually skip to the main file to get the whole document updated (or even a child to look correct).

You could perhaps define your own keyboard sequence that does this for you?

In the general case though, how would the child document know which document that is it's master? Or... why can't a child document belong to two or more master documents?

Right. You must compile the main file, not the children, if you want the full document with proper cross references.

True.. cross references to other child documents will not work, "only" bibilography referenes.


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