Ah of course I used SumatraPDF.exe before. Know I have just choosen pdfview
and I runs acroread. Thanks for the tip!

BTW: It finally seems that acroread (8.1.2) automatically refreshes a
changed PDF file! Before it just showed a corrupted file. Next update though
is to keep it at the current page, when it refreshes it jumps to the first
page of the PDF file :-(

Paul A. Rubin wrote:
> Paul A. Rubin wrote:
>> The easy 
>> solution is to put Acrobat Reader's directory on your system path and 
>> leave the viewer setting as 'auto' in LyX.
> Actually, I'm not even sure you need AR on the system path, as long as 
> it's in the registry as the default viewer for PDFs.  The 'auto' setting 
> is AFAIK the default when LyX installs.  Did you change it for a 
> particular reason (such as AR *not* being your default viewer)?
> /Paul

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