But I expected \displaystyle to be larger than normal (as in PDF). Do you
see difference between PDF and that what LyX displays?


2008/7/13 Paul A. Rubin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Manveru wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am currently working on the translation for LyX and I am continuously
>> checking the context of what I write. I found something strange in my LyX
>> 1.5.4 on Windows. The \displaystyle command in the math mode, does not
>> display text 'emphasized' as I expected (PDF output ist fine). Please look
>> at the example file attached. Is this corrected in any of newer LyX versions
>> or should I fill bugzilla?
>> Regards!
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>> Manveru
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> I opened it in LyX 1.5.5 (Win XP Home) and all the text in the GUI was
> slanted (same as in the PDF output).
> /Paul

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