On 13.07.08, Jan Brosius wrote:
> Hello,

> I use the sidux OS (=debian sid) and I use the latest debian lyx package 
> (1.5.5-1) and lyx version 1.5.5). When I start lyx I get the gui of lyx. When 
> I do 
> Help --> Tutorial, I get the tutorial in lyx. But when converting this lyx 
> file to pdf I get a pop-up error:
> "Lyx:Cannot convert file
> No information for converting xpm format files to png.
> Define a converter in the preferences."

> And the lyx app freezes.

It looks like you do not have ImageMagick installed.

Install the dependencies of the lyx and lyx-common packages,
then reconfigure LyX (Extras>Reconfigure) and re-start.


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