On 14.07.08, Steve Litt wrote:
> Hi all,

> I'm trying to make a simple clone of the Enumerate environment. Once I
> can do that, I'll make a few changes. But I've not been able to clone
> it. 

You need to clone both, LyX layout::

  Style Questions
     CopyStyle   Enumeration
and LaTeX environment::


> Here's my layout file:

> #% Do not delete the line below; configure depends on this
> #  \DeclareLaTeXClass[book]{quizbook}

> Input stdclass.inc

> Preamble
> \let\questions = \enumerate
> \let\oldquestions = \oldenumerate
> EndPreamble

I am not sure if this works well, as enumerate is an environment, not a
command. Use the latex \newenvironment instead.

> Style Questions
> End

With CopyStyle, you get all the definitions of the copied style and
need to change only thing that should differ.

> The preceding layout produces the output shown in the attached 
> screenshot_questions.gif. However, if I change the LatexName in the LyX 
> environment from "questions" to "enumerate", it outputs as shown in the 
> attached screenshot_enumerate.gif.

Describing the difference in words helps (while pics might augment
this, they cannot always replace a description, e.g. while browsing
this mail to see if I can help at all, I do not see the attachments.)

> Can somebody explain to me why the two don't output the same? 
>Can somebody explain how I can truly clone the Enumerate environment?
see above.

> NOTE: In order to toggle the output when switching between LatexType
> questions and LatexType enumerate, you must Tools->reconfigure and then
> terminate and restart LyX. Trust me on this -- I tried without
> reconfiguring and the output didn't toggle.

You could define 2 Styles in your layout file (one QuestionsTest, say)
and switch between them in the document.


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