All of a sudden 2 days ago I could no longer produce PDF, Postscript or DVI 
outputs from my Lyx document.

I have the full Miktex 2.7 installation, up to date.
Vista premium

I have restored my laptop, reinstalled both miktex and lyx and none of this has 
made any difference.

What happens?

I press the View PDF (pdflatex) button (I have tried them all, even from the 
drop down menu), and some brief processng takes place... then nothing!

I recall from the past that while the pdf was being produced a number of sub 
processes would spawn from the Lyx process (I think, maybe miktex?)... but 
now... nothing.  Just some proceesing with the lyx.exe... then nothing.

Can anyone suggest something else I should try?  

I look forward to any useful suggestions.

Thank you in advance,
Marwan Boustany


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