On 24.07.08, Pavel Sanda wrote:
> > On Wed, 23 Jul 2008, Pavel Sanda wrote:
> >> by the way - Uwe, i have hidden wish - would it be possible for you to 
> >> produce ONE BIG LYX documentation for all the manuals together (plus 
> >> lfuns.lyx) - each file could be one part for example... ?
> >
> > Would you only use it to search for information? In that case, maybe having 
> > a version exported to HTML would be useful?
> >
> >> we can even put this as main documentation link from our official site.
> >
> > You don't mean as a single web page do you...?  It'd be _huge_.

It would be really nice to have a HTML version of the Guides -- as a
directory of reasonable sized pages with all the nice hyperlinks and a
big index ...

> while html version could be used for that too, i somehow like the idea, that
> we have one single huge pdf, we can call the Book :)

Why not "The Guide"?


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