On Jul 27, 2008, at 2:13 PM, Christian Ridderström wrote:

On Sun, 27 Jul 2008, Bob Lounsbury wrote:

I just started using my Mac again with the Safari web browser and went to the LyX website to download the latest version. The homepage is displayed correctly, but when I click on any other link on the website like Download it looses the website style. I really don't know anything about websites so I don't know how to describe it, so I've attached a screenshot when I click on the Download link.

Hi Bob,

I can't repeat this with Opera on Windows, do you still see this problem? (I was doing stuff with the web backend, so maybe it's just your browser that needs to reload it's cache or something)

Do others seem something strange when looking at the page:

Yes, I can reproduce it with Safari. When you follow a link from the homepage, the next page has a link to a non-existent stylesheet,

The correct URI should be

(so the base URI isn't added)
That's what causes the missing formating. Firefox is better at guessing what you meant here, but it really is an error that appears on all the other pages except for the lyx home page.


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