On Friday 25 July 2008 06:28, Sebastian Rohrer wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a relatively large lyx document that does not compile. The error
> message is:
> "Some characters of your document are probably not representable in the
> chosen encoding. Changing the document encoding to utf8 could help."
> The problem is most likely caused by some characters that I forgot to
> change after pasting from OOwriter. Is there any way to find those
> characters? It is very tedious by eye...
> Thanks,
> Sebastian

If you can list all the allowable characters including carriage return and/or 
linefeed, then you (or a friend like me) could write a C program to read each 
character, test it for inclusion in that set, and report on any characters 
(character ascii/unicode value and position in the file) that aren't in the 

I know nothing about unicode, so I'd need to be brought up to speed on that 
before writing the program. I assume unicode is a 16 bit representation of 


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