Hi all,

A couple days ago it took the entire day to change all the tables from markers 
to real tables. It was a tough job.

Today I put in the 10 images into the book. What made it hard was that the old 
images were object embbedded Micrografx Windows Draw images. MGX Windows Draw 
was a wonderful program, probably better than Inkscape, but it's an orphan 
running only on Windows, and my only Windows machine is a Pentium II300 with 
128 MB of RAM.

Therefore, I had to reconstruct many of the images (they were diagrams) using 
the dia program, running a conversion program to convert the dia to .png, 
using Inkscape as the conversion mechanism.

One distressing effect was that the LyX book ballooned out to 370 pages from 
the 309 in MS Word, even though I set the LyX margins about the same as the 
(wide and tall) MS Word margins. In both books the font was 12point -- I 
insist on all my books being 12point so that people with poor vision can read 
them. I think the problem is LyX puts more space after headings than I like. 
If that's a significant part of the problem, I can narrow that out in the 
layout file.

Anyway, the mainmatter of the LyX book is essentially the same as the 
mainmatter of the MS Word book, so as soon as I do a few final checks, I'll 
begin making my 2008 revision of the book.

Thanks for all of your help.


Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package

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