On Wednesday 30 July 2008 17:17, Denné Reed wrote:
> I use LyX for scientific papers but have had problems with both
> collaborators and editors. Many collaborators are unfamiliar with
> LyX / LaTeX and it lacks strong collaboration tools (change tracking
> etc.). I've tried sharing drafts with PDF but that requires colleagues
> to purchase full versions of Acrobat, and still the tools are tracking
> changes are not as good.
> I've also had problems with journal and book editors, one of which
> insisted I convert a book chapter written in LyX into Word format
> despite the fact that the publisher  (Elsevier) has a LaTeX document
> class available. I've also encountered other journals where document
> classes are not available (e.g. I've not found one for Journal of
> Biogeography....)
> For these reasons I'm tempted to try Scientific Word, but so far I've
> been put off by the price. I love LyX and use it for single authored
> manuscripts whenever I can.  I also think that the ability to embed R
> code and data into LyX documents with Sweave opens a whole new world
> for scientific transparency and reproducibility that I would like to
> see developed further.
> If the list has suggestions for some of the concerns above I'd love to
> hear them.
> Many thanks,
> Denné

I think if you put together a layout file with ALL the styles your 
collaborators will need, then resistance will crumble. If one needn't make 
his own styles, and yet can still press Ctrl+Y and get a beautifully 
formatted PDF, your collaborators will fall in love.

By the way, that's just how Sams Publishing did it when I was the Main Author 
of Samba Unleashed, using MS Word. Sams gave me a template with all the 
styles, and a 2 page document telling me when to use each style, and it make 
the writing (not the authoring, but the writing) a simple secretarial task. 
It was wonderful.

Just think how much better it would be using LyX.


Steve Litt
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