Sebastian Rohrer wrote:
I have several tables in my document, which I would like to align centered. The problem is that the tables have footnotes. Now if I set the paragraph alignment of the table to "centered", the table aligns how it should. However, the accompanying footnotes are aligned at the left margin.

Is there any way to align the footnotes with the table?

I'm not entirely sure I understand the question, so just to confirm: you are inserting tables directly into the text (not in table floats); the tables contain footnotes; the tables are centered horizontally within the page; the footnotes appear directly under the table (not at the bottom of the page); and you want the footnotes to begin at the left edge of the table (rather than the left margin of the document). Is that correct? If so, I think the following works (although it might not be the most elegant solution):

1.  Put the table inside a minipage, at the desired location.
2. Set the minipage width to approximately the width of the table (otherwise the horizontal line above the footnotes is liable to be too long). I don't see a way to do this automatically. 3. Use left or default justification inside the minipage. The footnote will be left justified regardless, so you want the table left justified within the box. 4. Put horizontal fill on either side of the minipage to center it. (For some reason, setting the paragraph in which the minipage appears to be centered does not do the job.)

Is that what you had in mind?


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