On 18 Aug 2008, at 17:32, Daniel Lohmann wrote:

On 18.08.2008, at 18:27, Graham Smith wrote:

I have a letter set up on a Mac, which works fine, but copying it to
Windows and trying to compile gives me the following error:

You have used \KOMAoptions to set `',
but KOMA-Script does not know any option named `'.
See the KOMA-Script manual for more informations about options and
their values.

Is there something obviously different between the Mac and Windows that
could help me solve this problem.

Mac prefers to store text files in UTF-8, while Windows tends to use either 16 bit unicode or ISO with codepages. Another issue are line endings. So you often need to convert text files when moving from one system to another.

Open the files with a text editor (such as TextWrangler) that can "translate" them to Windows.

I have tried opening in Emacs and Notepad, and saving) and I have commented out all the lines and retyped them fresh, but still get the same error. The file compiles OK on Linux as well as the Mac, so yes it seems to be something specific to Windows.

My lines of code giving the problem are:




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