This is not first time, when some unwanted people are subscribed to the
list. Maybe word "unwanted" is inadequate here... let's say they generated
unwanted garbage from time to time. Unanswered question is are they add
themselves some time ago or someone add them mistakenly (evil or not - does
not matter). I think someone should be moderator on this list able to
manually disable or unsubscribe people, who asking about it.

Automated "vacations" and responders do not recognize lists and replies to
everyone who to the list. That is why it is better to have multiple mail
accounts or separation system (procmail based for example).

2008/8/19 Jürgen Spitzmüller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Manveru wrote:
> > Would be nice...
> >
> > I am wondering who was so funny and add them to the lyx list???
> I don't think this is evil intention. Melissa kindly asked for help
> unsubscribing herself, some people assisted her, but obviously they didn't
> succeed.
> I have now asked our mailing list maintainer to unsubscribe Melissa from
> the
> list. I hope this will finish the story.
> Jürgen

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