Johannes Knaus wrote:

I'm editing a document which has a bunch of table floats in it.
For some tables the floatname "Table x.x" is appropriate and should remain like this. But for some tablefloats I want to change the word "Table" in the floatname into "Tableau"
(Right now, Linguists know what kind of document I'm working on ;-)

Not a linguist. Therefore not a clue. Wish I'd read this yesterday -- I met a couple (my first two linguists!) at a reception. Doesn't matter; to each his own. :-)

Is this possible?

If you want Tables and Tableaus (Tableaux? my spellchecker seems to prefer the latter -- but then it doesn't believe spellchecker is a word) to share a common number sequence (e.g., Table 1 followed by Tableau 2 followed by Table 3), it's easy. Put \usepackage{caption} in the preamble. Put \captionsetup{name=Tableau} in ERT inside those table floats that you want to be tableaux.


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