Am 02.10.2008 um 18:42 schrieb James Sutherland:

To reproduce this problem (on Mac):

From Finder, right-click (ctrl-click) on a file and choose "Open With" and then open using 1.6rc3. This opens the file, but the lyx window that it opens in has none of the toolbars available. The regular LyX window is also opened, but is empty.

If I close the file and re-open it from the "Open Recent" menu, then it works fine.

I seem to remember discussion of this topic when rc1 was released. It persists with rc2 and rc3.

Can any other Mac users verify this???


Hello James,

Yes, the bugs in the Mac version I reported some time ago (and added them to the bugtracker after the rc1or rc2 release) still persist. Hopefully this will be resolved in the final release. By the way even rc3 seems not to be very stable on my G4 (Lyx crashed while testing out if the bugs still remain). However, this is not the final candidate and I'll stick with 1.5.6 for my thesis. When these little problems will be resolved in 1.6final, I'll switch immediately, as it has some very nice features.

The strange thing if I remember well the bug with the strange "special" menu wasn't there in the early betas before 1.6b4.



I've recognized some Problems in both Lyx 1.6b4 and rc1 on MacOS 10.5 which I would like to report here. I don't know if these are bugs and/or platform specific; so here they are:

- When I start Lyx 1.6 and costumize the appearance settings via the "Preferences..." dialogue and then click on the "Apply" button or the "Save" button, a new item appears in the OSX menu bar labelled "special" with the menu items "Preferences", "About Lyx" (both greyed out) and "Quit Lyx". In the normal "Lyx" menu "Reconfigure" now appears two times and "Preferences..." isn't responsive any more. The only solution is to quit and restart Lyx via the "special" menu. Changes of preferences are lost then if you clicked "Apply" only.

- When I open a Lyx file by dragging it on the Lyx icon in the Dock the file is opened in an extra window without any toolbars and a second window opens with the toolbars in default arrangement (not the one costumized) but without any document in it. After this all costumized menu bar arrangements and prior window sizes are lost when restarting Lyx. The same thing happens when I open a Lyx file by doubleclicking on it.

But now some praise: The new autocompletion thing is really great!


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