On Fri, Nov 07, 2008 at 02:28:40PM +0000, Sam Lewis wrote:

Hi Sam,

> It's great to to have the 1.6.0~beta4-1 package in "experimental", with 
> matching
> dependencies of "testing". Thank you kindly, maintainer Sven Hoexter, for your
> effort!

Thanks but I'm not alone. Per also did a lot in the past and is still one of the
forces behind the packaging for Debian. From time to time we even have very 
support from Georg. :)

> Does anyone know whether, RC5 is a candidate for "experimental"? Or how close 
> is
> 1.6.0 to make it into any Debian stream?

Well beside travelling my focus during the summer was on helping to release 
which is in a good shape now but not released and work on my Debian Developer 
So in general it's a "we just need to pick it up" issue.

I'll see if I find the time to upgrade the version in our repository to the 
LyX RC and get Per to upload it next week.


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