On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 8:19 PM, Joost Verburg
> The build-in ImageMagick does not rely on registry keys but uses the
> environment variables set by LyXLauncher (see the source for details) to get
> the location of the Ghostscript directories. Note that not only @PSdelegate@
> is relevant but also the font directory etc.

Ok, I did some more tests. I was suspecting the TeX Live environment,
but it has no impact. What I did was:

1. copy the directory c:\Program\LyX16 onto the desktop of a PC
without LyX installed
2. start lyxlauncher.exe

Since there is no tex installed, obviously LyX will not have full
functionality, but the GUI should work. However, two things give

1. configure fails because it cannot find python
2. LyX fails to convert an EPS to a bitmap, so there is no preview

Is there any way to copy the error messages from LyXLauncher? The
python ones are straight forward, but the ghostscript problem looks
rather confusing - with hundreds of lines of not very helpful

As for the environment, I found an easy way to see what's going on.

1. copy lyxlauncher.exe, console.dll and system.dll to a new folder
2. add cmd.exe (from c:\windows\system32) and rename it to lyx.exe
3. start "lyxlauncher -dbg any /c set"

This will show the environment that lyx.exe would have.

Adding the python directory to the path before staring lyxlauncher
fixes the first problem, but EPS preview still fails.

Do you have any idea what convert could be missing?


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