> 2. start lyxlauncher.exe
> Since there is no tex installed, obviously LyX will not have full
> functionality, but the GUI should work. However, two things give
> errors:
> 1. configure fails because it cannot find python
> 2. LyX fails to convert an EPS to a bitmap, so there is no preview

I am seeing the same python error even with a fresh installation of 1.5.7 in its
original directory... Maybe my paths are screwed up, but I'm not sure how to fix
it, and I wish LyX would do its own configuration checking ahead of time instead
of spitting out errors in the middle of doing something. 
I know this is a work in progress, but it would be more user-friendly if a
dialog or something would pop up prompting the user to help locate python or
whatever missing component LyX needs, and then update the paths accordingly for
the future.

Best wishes,

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