Brian Guenter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am using lyx version 1.6 on Windows XP. I want to use the ACM SIGGRAPH 
document class. It shows up in the
> drop-down menu for document classes but it's listed like 
this:  "Unavailable:ACM SigGraph". This looked
> ominous but I selected it anyway and got the following error message: "the 
document class acmsiggraph
> could not be loaded".
> What does this mean? How does lyx determine which document classes are 
available and which aren't? It seems
> strange that it would know this document class existed but would not allow 
me to choose it. Is there some
> easy way to make it available?
> -brian

First, are you sure it does not says "Unavailable:ACM SIGPLAN"? Anyway, you 
have to download the LaTeX document class and install it in the MikTeX LaTeX 
folder (assuming you are using MikTeX), update/refresh MikTeX and reconfigure 
LyX. See Help>LaTeX configuration and Chapter 5 in Help>Customization.


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