Any progress on getting this to work properly? I'm happy to be a guinea pig 
because I'm going to be submitting a paper to the SIGGRAPH conference at the 
end of January. I'm highly motivated to make this work.

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Manveru schrieb:

> If yes - try to add "siggraph" package from the MikTeX Package Manager
> (available from menu group of MikTex).

This file is not the official one and it is not recommended to use it for 

> %BEEP% I do not have LyX layout for siggraph only for sigplan. Do you
> have your layout file for this style?

LyX didn't yet have a layout file for acmsiggraph, but I now created one. You 
find it together with
the installation instructions and an example file here:

Please test it out and report me back. When you can use it successfully, I will 
include the layout
file to the next LyX version.

regards Uwe

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