I use ispell with the british dictionary. In LyX 1.6.1 (on ubuntu
intrepid) you can set this in
Tools->Preferences->Language_Settings->Spellchecker. Just select ispell
from the Spellchecker executable at the top, then type in "british" in
the "Alternative language" textbox.

You probably need to have the ispell and ibritish packages installed for
this to work.


Doug Laidlaw wrote:
> The authors of aspell must be really parochial.  To them, "English" 
> means "American", Canadian is a distinct language, and British English just 
> does not exist.  There are dictionaries for languages with a smaller user 
> base than British English.
> I am writing a family history in Australian English, for Australians.  I 
> don't  
> mean "Strine."  Australian English is still closer to British than American.  
> I can have Australian or British dictionaries in other applications, but LyX 
> uses aspell.
> Is there any way of getting around this, or do I do my spell-checking in a 
> text export?
> Doug.

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