Not wrong.  Different.  My eyes are not deceiving me; neither are yours. 

Because Mandriva won't configure to use DVIs, it clearly has other problems.  
So I tried in SimplyMepis.  The version is newer, but the language selection 
is identical.

In the circumstances, it is useless taking the point any further.


On Monday 09 February 2009 12:11:39 am Konrad Hofbauer wrote:
> Doug Laidlaw wrote:
> > The authors of aspell must be really parochial.  To them, "English"
> > means "American", Canadian is a distinct language, and British English
> > just does not exist.  There are dictionaries for languages with a smaller
> > user base than British English.
> Wrong. Using aspell and having the relevant dictionaries installed, I
> see in LyX 1.6.1, Document Settings-> Language
> English
> English (Canada)
> English (UK)
> English (USA)
> (the first accpets both UK and US spelling).
> In LyX 1.5.7, these are called:
> American
> British
> Canadian
> English
> > Is there any way of getting around this
> Yes, make sure your aspell installation is alright.
> /Konrad

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