BcBob wrote:
> Matlab has a feature called publish to latex that runs code and packages
> the code and the output into a latex file. I would like to use it to put
> examples into my book but I am having trouble importing the latex code
> into Lyx.
> The problem is that comments get mangled in with code during the import
> into Lyx. The latex code works fine; I am able to create a dvi file from
> it that is OK.
> I am including an example of the latex code and the Lyx file created by
> importing it.
> Any ideas of how to fix/workaround?

After fooling around with this for a day, I worked out the following
1. filter the latex code with a gawk program to set the margins to zero and
to get rid of page numbers
2. process the latex code to create a dvi
3. use dvips to create an eps 
dvips -E -o  name.eps name.dvi
4. insert the eps into the Lyx file
5. wrote a matlab function to carry out the steps of creating the eps

Now, if I run the matlab function, the eps in the Lyx file will also update.

Step #3 is brittle and will almost certainly fail if the dvi output has more
than one page

If anyone is interested, email me and I will share the scripts.

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