I am a long-time (2-3 years) Lyx users, but just only recently ran
into the NAVIGATE > OTHER LISTS feature on this software, after
upgrading to 1.6.1

Just to say: I cannot tell you how useful this is, for updating the
index, correcting footnotes and whole lot of other tasks. Kudos to the
developers for creating such a useful feature.

Other features on one's dream-list:

* A kind of automated indexing: which lists all the occurances of one
word, and asks the editor whether s/he wants to include each entry.

* Better help files.

* More and better latex chapter-page templates, which offer neat layouts...

* Closer integration between layout on Lyx and typesetting (on
wordprocessor), so that when one file gets changed, the other gets
automatically updated.

* Easier installs on Windows, to help editors to work with authors seamlessly.

Thanks again! FN
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