Hi all,

I want to make a clone of the Itemize environment, only with narrower spacing. 
After didlling around with some Itemize LaTeX found in non-book environments, 
I figured I'd just roll my own. I already know how to make a 2 environment 
list, with the outer environment defining the list, and each instance of the 
inner environment defining one item.

That would be just fine in LaTeX, but it's inconvenient in LyX. So I'm trying 
to make something like Itemize, which both creates the list and makes each 
paragraph an item. The following simple LaTeX came dang close to working:

% ### Vertically denser than Itemize Outline ###

The preceding is close but no cigar, because it prints the star only on the 
first item of each list or sublist, as shown in the attached graphic. I 
experimented with putting the star in the first arg of the list, nothing 
showed up. I put it in the squarebrackets following item, no joy.

What's the correct way to do this?


Steve Litt
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