On 2009-03-23, Piero Faustini wrote:

> I have a doubt, although it's regarding more the LaTeX-LilyPond integration: 
> lily-book knows how to break music lines (or pages) in a given latex 
> environment, 

Are you sure? 

As I understand the docs of lilypond-book, it is a preprocessor that
works by extracting snippets of lilypond notation, transforming them to
EPS or PDF graphics and inserting a graphic-loading command in their

> but it can't guess if this environment will change after LaTeX 
> compile. I mean: I'm writing a komascript book using some packages
> which can alter heavily the shape of the text, such as BibLaTeX, by
> adding more text.  This is the reason why my LyX's LaTeX run up to 4
> times when compiling, and everything works ok. Can lilypond-book give
> instructions at the beginning of this process? 


But if used according to its specification (small musical examples in a
book), LaTeX should handle them nice. If I remember right, you can also
place the lilypond snipped inside a flaot.

> Can it be run more than once between Latex runs just to refine 
> the process? 

Not that I know of.


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