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On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Etienne lepercq <> wrote:

> I am new to LyX, but not as new to LaTeX : I used Kile for quiet a few time
> now.
> I would like to use LyX to work with several people on an article. As LyX
> is
> much more user-friendly than Kile, a pure LaTeX editor, I convinced my
> collaborators to give a try to LyX.
> There is te least one thing in LyX (and LaTeX) that is not easy to handle,
> sharing a whole document to make it modifiable by others : one have to
> build
> an archive with all figures and latex source, collaborators have to untar
> it, open LyX, read/modify/etc... and then... rebuild archive, send the
> archive, etc...
> This is counter-productive, not easy to use, it is a pain. One simple
> solution I see for this is to give the ability to LyX to open, say .tar
> archives, with a specific tree inside (.yx sources, then
> figures/allFigures.Whatever or something). Such archive could be called
> .lyxZ files ;-)
> Does such feature exist already ? I searched over FAQ/Documentation/Asked
> on
> #LyX but did not find anything more than : two implementations were made
> once, but as nobody could say which was the best... none were released !!
> This is not _that_ complex to implement, but is there a way to have such
> feature now, or is there a way to at least release one relatively-good
> implementation ?
> Thanks a lot.
> Etienne Lepercq
> --
> Sincerily

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