rettie schrieb:
My TOC is just over 3 pages now and using \thispagestyle{empty} I can get rid 
of numbering on the 1st and 3rd pages (i.e. first and last), but the middle 
page's number stays. I can't get rid of it!

I've tried flooding Lyx with \thispagestyle{empty} ERT boxes, but no luck. 
Anyone have any ideas? I can't really cut down on the TOC more I'm afraid, 3 
pages is the minimum! I apologise if this has been asked to death! Thanks in 


The solution to your problem depends on the pagestyle you use.
You can set the pagestyle to empty before the place where you insert the TOC by typing \pagestyle{empty} in an ERT box and reset it to whatever it was by \pagestyle{your_style} right after the TOC. If you haven't explicitly specified a pagestyle, replace your_style with plain, otherwise use your pagestyle. If you want the numbering to be started at one after your TOC, add \setcounter{page}{1} in ERT.

I hope this helps,


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