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What do you mean with "wrong place"? Images are usually within a flaot that
will float in the output to a suitable position.
Can you provide a _small_ example file?

Here is an example, I hope it is small enough. It seems to be related
to this specific eps file

Yes, this EPS file is strange. But why do you need to set a bounding box and why an EPS when you want a PDF document? When I convert your EPS to PDF (see attached), it works very well for all output formats, a bounding box is not needed. (When you want only a part of the image to appear in the output you can cut the PDF image with e.g. Inkscape.)

(Btw. the EPS file format often makes troubles. But in a PDF only PDF, PNG, and JPG images can be embedded so that LyX will have to convert EPS to PDF in the background when you use pdflatex. This conversion is done by the program ImageMagick that in turn needs Ghostscript. But every involved program can cause problem, so better use directly an image format that don't need to be converted.)

regards Uwe

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