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> Yes, this EPS file is strange.

Not particularly. It used to be standard to use (0,0) as the corner of
the workspace, and usually the actual diagram has a different bounding

> But why do you need to set a bounding box

Is there any other option? When I include an EPS file, LyX always sets
the bounding box according to the header of the file. I can do without
clipping, but that does not actually solve the problem.

> and
> why an EPS when you want a PDF document?
> (Btw. the EPS file format often makes troubles.

Different reasons - some old software, habits, the availability of the
PostScript printer driver for Windows. To be specific, dia has no PDF
export at all, and inkscape only does it via Cairo, which was
completely broken until very recently. Finally EPS usually crops  to
the actual drawing, and PDF always exports the whole page, which is
just inconvenient.

> This conversion is done by the
> program ImageMagick that in turn needs Ghostscript.

Is it? Because it seems that the default filter uses epstopdf, if it
is present. As I said ps2pdf produces the same problems (which is very
strange). Using convert solves the problem, but you have to add the
rule manually, and I had some issues with this solution (have to
figure which exactly).

So I guess my conclusion is to use convert, and it works for me. Maybe
reconfigure should be changed to use convert by default when


 But every involved
> program can cause problem, so better use directly an image format that don't
> need to be converted.)
> regards Uwe

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