Drew Kime wrote:
On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 8:50 AM, Guenter Milde <mi...@users.berlios.de>wrote:

My advice is to use an existing module (e.g. logicalmkup.module) as
starting point. There is a whole selection under LYXDIR/layout/ (where
LYXDIR is a system/installation dependent location, e.g.

Does anyone know of a tool that helps in the building of new styles? I've
learned enough Latex to tweak existing styles, etc. but I'm a writer, not a
typesetter. I know my book looks better when I use Lyx/Latex than with
something like OpenOffice, so I'll keep using it. Still, every time I have
to dig into Latex code to change a style, I think about how easy that is to
do in OOo.

This is an often requested new feature. At the moment, the best tool is this mailing list. Ask away.


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